Aisles (Chili)

- 28-10-16 22:00

Vanuit Chili komt de progressieve rockband Aisles naar Europa om een aantal optredens te verzorgen. De zes leden van de band spelen progressieve rock op het hoogste niveau en zijn een soort samensmelting van Rush, Marillion, Camel en Porcupine Tree. Eerder zou de band optreden tijdens het Progdreams V festival in april. Vanwege problemen met het verkrijgen van Visa kon dit optreden helaas geen doorgang vinden. Aisles werd 15 jaar geleden opgericht. De band speelde onder meer op het fameuze Crescendo festival. Aisles heeft zojuist een nieuw album uitgebracht, een dubbel concept album genaamd “Hawai”. De eerste reacties op het nieuwe album van zowel fans als pers zijn positief. Aisles wordt gezien als één van de meest opmerkelijke progressieve rockbands van de afgelopen jaren. De bandleden komen oorspronkelijk uit Santiago, Chili. Hun soulvolle krachtige combinatie van rock, progressieve rock, art rock, fusion en wereldmuziek illustreert de unieke liberale visie van de band. De muziek van Aisles wordt over het algemeen benoemd als progressieve rock, maar hun benadering gaat veel verder dan dit genre alleen. De band werd in 2001 opgericht en heeft een unieke eigen identiteit opgebouwd.


Halloween @ Penny Lane

- 29-10-16 20:00

Dress to impress! Kom in je meest freaky Halloween outfit!


Steeler, akoestische Led Zeppelin tribute

- 18-11-16 22:00


Big Creek Slim

- 27-11-16 16:00

Akoestisch blusoptreden. Big Creek Slim, a.k.a. Marc Rune, was born and raised in Ikast, a small town in Denmark. He traveled in the United States for a spell around 2008, playing music and writing songs. He now lives in Brazil, in a cabin by the ocean. And Big Creek Slim is a bluesman, as sure as the day is long. Don't believe it? Just listen to Hope For My Soul. Listen to that voice. Hear the passion and the intensity that he brings to Charlie Patton's “Down The Dirt Road Blues,” Robert Petway's “Catfish Blues,” Tommy Johnson's “Big Road Blues,” and to his own, self-penned title track. Hear the effortless, natural command of his guitar work throughout the album. This man has lived with the blues. So, why would a Danish musician find such a definitive personal connection in a music created by black Americans in the rural Southern reaches of the United States, thousands of miles from his home? And, specifically, what connects him to the earliest days of that music, primarily the years before World War II? Part of it has to do with the nature of the man, and part of it has to do with nature of the music. “It ain't that much about American or black music as it's about the blues,” Big Creek says. “The blues should be a universal feeling, and a world patrimony. Why I play them in this style – old, black, American – has something to do with the way I am. I always liked to find the roots of things. I also search for the roots of Scandinavian culture. I played a lot of Irish traditional music, and the roots of Brazilian samba fascinate me.” At the roots of the blues, Big Creek found a blend of power and simplicity and, ultimately, a spiritual essence. “The thing that inspired me so about old blues and folk music is the strong sound. Less is more if you play it with attitude. The sound of the Delta blues carries me to a more primitive state of mind, and I get to cut the cheese out of my life, if you know what I mean,” he says. As blues music is part of Big Creek Slim, so is his recognition of the conditions that created that music. This awareness fundamentally changed his outlook on life. “In the old American blues, you hear a purity that you don´t find in music nowadays, not in contemporary blues and not in popular music at all,” Big Creek explains. “The first blues records are the first recorded sounds of an oppressed people. It´s a very important moment in the history of humankind. It surely opened my eyes and made me a more tolerant person toward the indifferences of human beings, and it taught me how to love myself. I guess that´s why I got to play them so bad.”


Simon Mc Bride

- 03-12-16 22:00

Ierse blues-rock topper!



- 10-12-16 20:00

Georganiseerd door Kashfest, programma volgt nog.